Is there a person in your life who always has a hug and makes you feel better when they're around? Who is it – and what do you love about them? product<br/> <br/> Variety of products: We are going to sell a variety of cakes. This is because our customers will have a range of cakes to choose from. We are going to have many flavours e.g. chocolate, cream, strawberry etc.<br/> <br/> Appearance: Our appearance of the cakes is going attractive because this will attract people. We will decorate the plate with cakes so people get attracted to buy the cakes.<br/> <br/> Quality: We are going to sell good quality cakes because if someone buys one and it tastes nice and is good quality this will makes them buy more cakes.<br/> <br/> Brand: Our group is going to sell a variety of good branded cakes. We are going to sell cakes made by different companies so people can have a choice.<br/> <br/> Service/support: We are going to have people from our group providing support for people who aren&#39;t sure what cakes to buy.<br/> <br/> price<br/> <br/> List price: The price of the cakes is different because this all depends on the size of the cakes. The small cup cakes are going to be 35P each.<br/> <br/> Discounts: There are discounts on the cakes e.g. if you but a lot of cakes we can negotiate the price and give them a discount.<br/> <br/> Special/offers: The cakes are 35p each but we can sell 4 for a £1 so this will make people buy more cakes.<br/> <br/> Financing: We will be financed by our business teacher and then we will have to pay back all the money we borrowed.<br/> <br/> place<br/> <br/> Types of customers: We are going to have students and teachers come to our stall. This is because our stall is going to be set up in school.<br/> <br/> Locations: We are going to sell cakes outside the internet café.<br/> <br/> Access to place: Access to place is really easy because it is jus outside the lunch hall and the internet café. This will mean when people come out of the lunch hall or café they will see our stall right in front of them.<br/> <br/> Service levels: Our service levels will be high and we will provide the best service we can.<br/> <br/> promotion<br/> <br/> Advertising: We are going to advertise our cake sale by putting posters up, handing out leaflets and giving questionnaires.<br/> <br/> Personal selling: I am going to get involved by selling cakes and collecting money and counting money made by selling the cakes.<br/> <br/> Media: Our cake sale isn&#39;t going to be a huge sale so we do not need any media for it.<br/>

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